Our Brand

Inspiring the culture through social technology.

The NSPRE™ brand is built on and strives for creativity and culture. We create exciting, lifestyle, and innovative products that inspire everyday use. Our vision is to "Inspire the culture through social technology" to improve others' lifestyles and the way we access the world around us.

NSPRE™ philosophy is straightforward: "Create innovative, affordable, and consumer-first products and services." Our standards are set with the very best of our community and products.


Behind NSPRE™ Electronics

Found by Tech Entrepreneur Chaymeriyia Moncrief, her goal was to launch an innovative, inspiring, and culture first brand. Based in the heart of Alabama, where the brand is headquartered, Chaymeriyia is inspired by the daily innovation seen within the city. She strives to use NSPRE™ to push forth the possibilities of tech.

Featured in Yahoo Finance, AfroTech, Black Enterprise, Business Insiders, and many more; Chaymeriyia is the first African American & Woman-led Wireless Carrier and Electronic Consumer Brand based in the United States.

The name "NSPRE" (Inspire) is set forth to do just that, 'Inspire the Culture ahead through Technology.



Letter from the Founder

"...Technology is one of those things that allows the "impossible" to happen."


My dream has always been to step into the world of technology and shake things up in the most positive way possible.

Since the age of 7, my fascination with electronics, gadgets, and technology has always been at its peak.

From taking things apart and putting them back together to drawing out every piece of the motherboard on paper, in hopes of creating my own, my love for tech has allowed me to dig deeper into that passion.

Launching NSPRE™ is starting a 10-year long dream and sharing my passion for tech with the world. The vision I set forth for NSPRE™ is to "Inspire the culture through social technology."

I want to inspire those around me, the other 7-year-olds or 20-year-olds wishing to take a leap of faith to pursue technology in any aspect, no matter the hardship.

Technology is one of those things that allows the "impossible" to happen. Technology is one of those spaces where social change is made, no matter how simple.

With this, my message today is not only to keep pushing but also to say thank you.

Thank you for your support and for allowing me to live out a dream that is best because of those of you who stand by the company's mission.